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Get to know Horticulture Farming better
Oct, 2020 |

Many of you are familiar with the term ‘Horticulture’ and heard it many a times in different contexts. Let’s get a bit more of understanding on Horticulture Farming and then you could employ some of its sustainable techniques in your farming.
Horticulture is a branch of Agriculture that deals with cultivating plants – fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants. Derived from the Latin words ‘Hortus’ meaning ‘garden’ and ‘colere’ meaning to cultivate, Horticulture covers all forms of cultivation – domestic and commercial.

Now you would ask isn’t it the same as Agriculture? They are related but basically Horticulture is a subset of Agriculture that deals with gardening of plants, while Agriculture involves the growing of food crops and rearing animals for farming too. The techniques and processes of each are interchangeably used, however Horticulture is a separate and in-depth field in itself.

Why is horticulture important?

While it adds beauty to the surroundings, it also contributes an inevitable share to improved quality of life, sustainability and rehabilitation of the environment.
It is that art that applies science to developing, producing and cultivating fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants.

Horticulture can be categorized into:

Cultivation of plants for food
Pomology: related to fruits and nut crops.
Olericulture: related to herbaceous plants and edible parts including leafs, roots, stems, flower buds, fruits, seeds.
Cultivation of plants for ornament
Floriculture: related to cultivating flowers and ornamental plants like cut flowers, pot plants, and greenery.
Landscape: related to plants including shrubs, trees and vines for landscaping.

Different techniques of horticulture:

Hydroponics: Here plants are grown without soil and uses nutrient/mineral rich solutions instead. Our favourite tomato, peppers, strawberries are some of the many plants that can be grown hydroponically.
Aeroponics: ‘Aer’ meaning air and that’s exactly what this technique uses! Basically the roots of the plants are suspended in air or mist environment. These roots are sprayed with nutrient rich solutions similar to hydroponics.
Aquaponics: A unique technique of combining hydroponics and aquaculture where the nutrient rich aquaculture water becomes the food for the plant grown hydroponically.

Hope you have gathered a fair understanding about Horticulture. Of course, it takes ages to gain in-depth knowledge of Horticulture. However if this article has caught your interest in horticulture and you would like to know more, let us know
Keep gardening till then!


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