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Thriller, Filler, Spiller of Container Gardening
Oct, 2022 |

Have you ever stumbled upon these simple rhyming words when learning more on gardening? Well, we are here to tell you more about this design technique which lends a professional and aesthetic touch to your container gardening.

A simple yet beautiful technique in container gardening that uses key plant proportions for attractive floral points in your garden. Simply put, ‘Thriller’ is a tall plant which has a strong form and colour, ‘Filler’, as the name suggests fills up the soil space and ‘Spiller’ falls over the edges of the pot – all this to create a visual treat in your garden. Your choices of building such arrangements are unlimited depending on the current architecture of your garden.

garden plants supplier


Plants that are vertical in nature and grows in height can be the thriller of your container. However select your thriller based on your pot size. It is ideal to place the thriller in the center of the pot, to ensure visibility from all sides.

Some examples of thriller plants are Aztec grass, Iris, Ferns, Purple fountain grass and such.


Next, choose a filler for the container. Plant your filler around the thriller and midway between the edges of the pot, leaving enough space for your spiller. It would be better to include bright colours to make the container look spacious.

A few good options for fillers include are Moss rose, Petunia, Geranium or even herbs.


Now it’s time to get your spillers in the pot. Spillers cascade or tumble over the edges of the pot creating the trailing effect. Choose plants that match with your filler and thriller plantings.

Begonia, Ivy, Sweet potato vine and such plants are some of the popular spillers.

So wait no more and go all out to unleash your creativity while designing your garden. Don’t forget to share some amazing pictures of your hardwork, with us!


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