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Healthy soil – Happy plant!
Jul, 2022 |

Soil is the foundation of any healthy plant. So it is essential to build a good foundation for your garden to thrive. You can safely assume that your plant soil is blooming when you notice spiders, earthworms, fungi, ground beetles, centipedes and such living organisms, deep inside the soil. However that’s not enough!

Rich, nutrient-dense soil crumbles off the roots of plants and they look darker than usual. A well-spread out root system means you have good soil that allows the growth of the plant.

Today we have put together a list of dos and don’ts for you to keep your soil healthy and flourishing.


A test of your soil to check the pH levels, minerals and nutrients
Add organic compost to your soil to make it airy and fluffy
Ensure good drainage for the soil
Do weeding once every week
Keep your soil away from harmful chemicals and toxins
Add a layer of mulch on top of your soil and around the plants
Overwork your soil to a smooth texture
Overuse fertilizers and chemicals
Work your soil when it’s wet because it can destroy the structure of the soil

It’s always smart work that matters when it comes to your soil and garden. Let us know how you look after your soil and together we can make your garden soil healthy and happy!

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