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Don’t give up on your plant, just yet!
Apr, 2022 |

All is not lost when you see your plant dying. It may look like your plant is dying, but if there is any green left on the plant then there’s hope!

Check for life in the plant

Even if the plant may look glum, the roots might still be healthy. If the roots appear plump and white to tan in colour, then the roots are still alive and there are chances to recover the plant.

Check the moisture

Only when you know the cause, you can find an appropriate solution to reverse the damage. Classic reasons why the plant might be suffering are overwatering or underwatering. How would you know?

Overwatered plants will have moist soil and brown or yellow wilted leaves. Overwatering can also cause the roots to rot. Once you notice these signs, move the plant away from direct sunlight and don’t water till the soil dries up. If the soil is too moist, you can change the soil and pot.

Underwatered plants will also have wilted leaves and soil would have begun to crack. A simple way to revive the plant would be to soak it in water for a few hours. All you need to do is ensure to give it the right amount of water depending on your plant type.

Clean up the plant

Remove the dried up brown leaves with a plant scissor or remove it gently with your hands. If the roots are damaged, it’s better to trim the leaves to reduce the effort of the roots. Use a damp cloth or a mild solution to wipe the leaves, in case the plant has been infected with pests or insects.

Nutrients for your plant

Plants need nutrients that can come from the right fertilizer. This will help boost the growth and health of the plant.

So go ahead and try out these simple yet effective tips, to breathe life into your plants and let us know your experience.

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