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Let your garden soak the sun better!
Jan, 2022 |

Want to know how to keep your garden well-looked after, during summers? We’ve got you covered with a checklist to ensure your garden is in top shape.


Your plants need extra hydration during summer! However don’t go overboard and over water them. It’s the timing that’s important – water your plants early in the morning or in the evening, to ensure the plants retain the moisture throughout the day. Leave some water in the container and practise slow watering to keep the plants refreshed.

It’s a task to ascertain how much water you need to give your plants during summer. The soil gives you a good indication of moisture. For instance, if the size of a container is around 15cms in diameter, the plant will need water when the top 5cms of the soil feels dry. Whereas a bigger container, about 25cms in diameter would need water when the top ½ to 1 inch starts to dry up.


While sun is good for plants, it is important to know how much sun is ideal for the different plants in your garden. Especially during summers, harsh sunlight can wither your plants. So move your plants under a tree or create temporary shade with a shade cloth or parasol, when the temperature is at its peak.


Now weeds are always a hindrance for the well-being of your garden. More so during summers, because they absorb the moisture in the soil depriving your plants from the much required hydration. Do a weed check frequently and clear off these weeds once every week.


Just like weeds, you need to keep a check on pests. Come summer and these pests get attracted to your garden even more. Watch out for squash bugs, tomato hornworms, grasshoppers and keep them off your garden. Read more on how to keep them away here.


Summer is when you need to find extra ways to retain moisture in the soil. Mulching is one such effective way that shields the soil from the sun, helps retain moisture and keeps plant roots hydrated. It also has an added benefit of providing essential nutrients for the plants, when the layer of mulch decomposes. So follow these tips and keep your garden lush and green throughout all seasons!

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