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Know more about Container Gardening
Oct, 2021 |

Container gardening is ideal when you have small space for your gardening ventures. It’s also one of the simple methods of growing plants, vegetables in your garden. The opportunities and possibilities with container gardening is very extensive and amazing.

While it adds an aesthetic appeal to your garden, Container gardening are easily customizable with the pot size, space you have and the choice of plants you want to grow.

Let’s give you a quick tour on Container gardening:

Type of containers:

Clay or terra cotta, plastic, wood, hanging baskets, concrete, metal and ceramic planters are some of the varied choices you have. Clay pots are more natural, practical and attractive than the rest. Plastic ones hold moisture better and let your soil dry out soon. So combine both and place the plastic container in a larger clay pot.

Plants can be grown practically in any of the containers. However you need to ensure:

a. There is enough space for the roots to grow
b. Drainage holes in the container
c. Holds good amount of soil required for the plant


Most plants grown in containers, may require water twice a day, to avoid the soil from drying out. This is more common during summers. So try placing a smaller container/pot inside a largely one and plant fillers in between to help retain moisture better.


Give the plants in the container liquid fertilizer twice a month. Compost can also be added to the container for healthy plants. You can also keep the food for your plants organic and natural, click here to know how!


It’s important to choose a container which has drainage holes to drain out the excess water. If your container doesn’t have the required holes, you can always drill a few to let water through. To improve drainage, add gravel or stones to the bottom of your container.

Type of Plants:

There’s nothing that you can’t grow in a container. Any vegetable, flower, herb, shrub can fit into a container. However when you choose a plant, choose the right pot size too. You can also try the thriller, filler and spiller to be more efficient and aesthetic in container gardening. Details are right here.

These are a few essentials when it comes to container gardening – a simple and easy technique in space – restricted gardening. Try your hand at it and let us know how you mastered the skill.


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